put sth out to contract

put sth out to contract
WORKPLACE if an organization, government, etc. puts something out to contract, they allow different companies to compete to provide a service or do a job for them: »

One way to make the process more efficient would be to put it out to contract.

See also ALEATORY CONTRACT(Cf. ↑aleatory contract), ANNUAL HOURS CONTRACT(Cf. ↑annual hours contract), BILATERAL CONTRACT(Cf. ↑bilateral contract), EVERGREEN CONTRACT(Cf. ↑evergreen contract), EXECUTED CONTRACT(Cf. ↑executed contract), EXPRESS CONTRACT(Cf. ↑express contract), FORMAL CONTRACT(Cf. formal contract), FORWARD CONTRACT(Cf. ↑forward contract), FRUSTRATION OF CONTRACT(Cf. ↑frustration of contract), FUTURES CONTRACT(Cf. ↑futures contract), IMPLIED CONTRACT(Cf. ↑implied contract), LABOR CONTRACT(Cf. ↑labor contract), NAKED CONTRACT(Cf. ↑naked contract), ONEROUS CONTRACT(Cf. ↑onerous contract), OPTIONS CONTRACT(Cf. ↑options contract), ORAL CONTRACT(Cf. ↑oral contract), PERFORMANCE CONTRACT(Cf. ↑performance contract), PERSONAL CONTRACT(Cf. ↑personal contract), ROLLING CONTRACT(Cf. ↑rolling contract), SERVICE CONTRACT(Cf. ↑service contract), STANDARD-FORM CONTRACT(Cf. ↑standard-form contract), TURNKEY CONTRACT(Cf. ↑turnkey contract), UNENFORCEABLE CONTRACT(Cf. ↑unenforceable contract), UNILATERAL CONTRACT(Cf. ↑unilateral contract), VOIDABLE CONTRACT(Cf. ↑voidable contract), VOID CONTRACT(Cf. ↑void contract)
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